System Dynamics and Organization

Starting from the analysis of present business and structure of the company, we we study the evolution of the reference context and deepen theawareness of the stakeholders and translate the management vision into business models coherent with the real situation and into strategic action plans.

Hands of five businessman holding wooden blocks placing them int

  • Process Improvement
  • Organization design
  • Governance e simulation
  • Analysis and Redesign of Organizazions

  • Analysis and Redesign  of Processes


  • Change Management

  • Performance Management

We support companies in realizing their strategy via the improvement of the organization

  • Process Performance Assessment (economics, management and technology) finalized at indentifying, planning and implementing improvement actions
  • Process Optimization via organizational and/or technological actions (Supply Chain synchronization Lean transformation, 6-Sigma, Value Engineering…)
  • Realize performance appraisal integrated systems
  • Develop organizational systems and/or services (configuration, rightsizing, dynamic simulations.…)
  • Change Management actions and/or training/coaching
  • Risk management and project management for improving the level of governance
  • Optimization of system interactions at organization level
  • Integrate simulation technologies to empower  the management of processes and of complex systems
  • Technical and economical feasibility, piloting e testing of integrated solutions for supporting  business processes
  • Implement business and process simulation solutions, from the “layer” strategy up to the virtual factory, so to manage the company complexity