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  • Global Business Survey Report

    What This Survey is About “Women leaders in Business? I guess so. I mean, sure.” Not exactly a clarion call to the ramparts. But a fair reflection of the level of enthusiasm for gender diversity in business leadership that we found in this, our latest, global business survey. Cornerstone International Group’s 10th annual survey zeroes […]

  • Corporate Performance Management takes off in Fashion

    Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is synonymous with measure, analysis, understanding and control. This refers to a set of management processes including Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Profitability Analysis, Consolidation and Reporting involving not only Finance & Control, but also the other functions, core and supporting ones. In many other industries, the CPM is a standard practice in […]

  • “Non Aviation” for Airports

    For the international airport system, the “non-aviation” revenues averagely represent more than 60% of the annual turnover (source CAPA 2016). This is certainly an average figure and it is important to emphasize that the analysis includes a very large sample including a wide diverse mix of operational and social contexts. However, if we take as […]