Executive Search

The activities of Executive Search identify and propose executives and managers who are able not only to cover a vacant position but also to renew, improve and develop the activities of the companies bringing a strategic, global and innovative vision.
The network of Cornerstone International is one of the largest in the World and provides with assistance the largest International organizations eventually researching in several Countries.
In Italy the Client portfolio includes Multinational corporations, Italian companies in both public and private sectors, active mainly in Aerospace, Banking, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Finance, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Transportation and Services.



The research methodology

Understanding the situation and definition of the position

Before accepting an assignment, Cornerstone International carefully deepens the knowledge of the Client, its strategy, history, culture and organization.

In co-operation with the Client Company, are defined the profile of the candidate to be searched, the search strategy, the target list of companies operating in specific sectors or similar, to identify those professionals with a professional and personal profile as close as possible with the profile of the position to be filled. Only after completing these preliminary analyses, the research will have a positive start.

Identification of candidates

The methodology of direct research, better known as head-hunting, consists of a systematic and targeted exploration of the most significant companies operating in the areas defined by the Customer. This helps identify those professionals that best meet the needs of the company. The analysis is supported by confidential information suggested by key managers working in various positions, well-known, whose reference has always resulted to be excellent.
The Research Department explores our database containing profiles of qualified professionals, compares them to the position to be filled and carefully examines all the information resulting from previous researches and which are relevant to the present one.

Interview and assessment of candidates

When a proper number of potential candidates is identified, Cornerstone International proceeds with specific vis-à-vis interviews to verify the professional competences, personal characteristics and motivation for change. During the search continuous contact updating the Client Company is maintained.

Presentation of candidates to the Client Company

Cornerstone International prepares a Confidential Report for each candidate who is presented in the short list to the Company, containing personal and professional information, as well as an overall assessment with reference to the specific search.

Assistance in negotiation

Cornerstone International assists the Client Company both in their interviews with the candidates and in the final negotiations with the chosen candidate. Assistance is offered for the evaluation of the parameters of the market average compensation.

Reference check of candidates

Cornerstone checks all professional and personal references of final candidates, using sources and information obtained with the highest standards of legal rules.

Follow-up for onboarding of candidates

Once a candidate is selected Cornerstone International assists him throughout the transition phase to the new company maintaining contacts with both the candidate and the Client in order to facilitate the integration into the new organizational context. Subsequently, over a period of 6-12 months Cornerstone keeps contact with the hired candidate and the client to make sure that each other’s expectations are met.

Ethics of Cornerstone International

  • The assignment is strictly confidential.
  • No application will be proposed to the Customer without the express consent of the candidate.
  • No information about the candidates or the Customer shall be revealed without permission.
  • During the research, the Client and the considered candidates will be constantly kept informed on the progress of the research.
  • Other managers of the Client will not be informed of the research, except when specifically authorized.
  • The assignment is considered completed only when the selected candidate is hired or if the Client Company decides, for any reason, to hold or cancel the search.

The human resources of the Client Company is kept “off-limits” for two years after completion of the last search.