• Spring 2013 Senior Management Survey

    Business leaders sampled on a worldwide basis are stepping up measures to maximize returns from the existing workforce.  This is one of the findings of our latest Spring 2013 Senior Management Survey now available.  Download your copy below to read the full report. Spring 2013 survey results EU  (PDF)

  • Business leaders still riding roller-coaster

    Up again, down again. The record of our progress towards global economic recovery can be seen these days in almost any business survey.
    Certainly this year’s annual worldwide survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group spells it out. This time last year, the light had turned green and 80% of respondents were back in growth mode; now it’s turned orange again and that figure has dropped to 63%.
    The annual survey reflects broad-based, senior management business sentiment. Cornerstone International Group is a prominent international search organization with over 100 member offices worldwide.

    The comparison of management attitudes over time is just one of the interesting aspects of the survey which has tracked strategic thinking since before the financial collapse of 2007. Another is the variance of opinion between the state of affairs globally and locally.
    For example, only 36% of respondents currently believe that a global economic recession is over. However, over 63% believe the recession is ended in their local markets.